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All guidelines are based on the latest version. So, check your Epicfight version first!

3D armor ResourcePack

This page will help you make a resource pack that permanently fixes those cursed textures: Custom 3D armor Resource Pack

Entity AI/Datapack

This page will show you how to go about making a datapack for changing an entity's AI: Custom entity datapack

Custom Weapon Armor datapack

Here You'll find a step by step tutorial on making a datapack: Custom Weapon/Armor datapack

Custom Trail ResourcePacks

This guide will help you add custom trails to your custom patched weapons: Custom Trails

Have any questions about the skill books?

Then look no further then this page: [WIP]

Want to create custom animations and new weapon attack cycles ?

Check [WIP] to learn how to create animations for epic fight and custom weapon attack animations for your custom weapons.